Shri Ramkrishna Institute of Medical Sciences & Sanaka Hospitals

Department of Community Medicine

Over view

The department of Community medicine is located in the third floor of the academic building.
Department of Community Medicine is committed towards high quality teaching and training in the theory and practice of Community Medicine through a multi disciplinary approach in collaboration with Primary Health Care and Voluntary Organizations.



The Department has qualified & experienced teaching staff and adequate infrastructure to facilitate Community Oriented training in different public health issues and also in allied clinical medicine. For Details Faculty List Visit Here


The students are given hands on training in carrying out population based epidemiological studies in collaboration with Primary Health Centres at Bamunara , Shibpur and Kataberia as well as Urban Health Centre at Karanga Para, Durgapur. The facilities will be utilized for field practice by the students in the Dept. of Community Medicine.


  • Demonstration room- 2
  • Library –  1
  • Research room – 1
  • Museum – 1



  • Microscope oil immersion
  • Filter, berk field
  • Hydrometres, Spirit
  • Hydrometres, milk
  • Hydrometers, wet and dry bulb
  • Centrifuge clinical
  • Harpenders Callipers
  • Dissecting microscope
  • Filter, Pasteur chamberland, complete
  • Comparator, Nessler with disc
  • Barometer, Fortin w/o mercury
  • Extraction Apparatus, fat, complete
  • Protected (Sanitary) Well
  • Insanitary well
  • Step well
  • Boring of tube well
  • Model of slow send Filter
  • Model of rapid sand filter
  • Louvre’s ventilator
  • Bio Gas Plant
  • Bore hole latrine
  • Septic tank latrine
  • Section of Septic Tank installation
  • Mosquito collecting Device


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